Canada is famous for its awe-inspiring scenery and wildlife. As the second largest country in the world, Canada has plenty of vacation destinations from the east coast to the west coast for travellers to explore. Here is our list of 5 top places to visit in Canada.

Rocky Mountains


The Rocky Mountains, commonly known as the Rockies, is a mountain range that stretches from northern Alberta and British Columbia southward to New Mexico. Why Canadian Rockies? Because they’re the most impressive section of the Rocky Mountain. There’re countless opportunities for breathtaking experiences and adventures. Whether you’re a novice or veteran, the mountain ranges provide hiking trails from easy hike to extreme Alpine routes. The mountain ranges feature countless impressive glaciated peaks, clear lakes and alpine flowers. You can also find moose, bear, mountain goat and elk roaming freely in the wild.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the most famous natural attraction in Canada. The Canadian Niagara Falls, also known as the Horseshoe Falls, are located between Goat Island and Table Rock. The thundering water at Journey Behind the Falls is awe-inspiring. You can hear the mighty Horseshoe Falls tumbles from 13 storeys. The Falls are lit in the colours of the rainbow every evening beginning at dusk.

Vancouver, British Columbia


Vancouver is a city about sports which is why the 2010 Winter Olympic Games was held here. Vancouverites spend their days hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing and whitewater rafting. If outdoor adventure is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. With 11 miles of beaches, numerous parks and top-notch museums, Vancouver has plenty to offer.

The 405-hectare Stanley Park is Vancouver’s premier park. You can take a scenic stroll on the seawall around the park perimeter or visit the Vancouver Aquarium and First Nations Totem Poles at Brockton Point. Food lovers should not miss the Granville Island Public market. With stall after stall heaped with fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, shimmering seafood, warmed baked goods, fish, sweets, flowers and gifts, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

CN Tower, Toronto

The 1,815-feet tall CN Tower is a landmark in Toronto. Your visit will be memorable if you try the EdgeWalk which is the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk along the abyss, on a five-foot wide span atop the tower’s main observation deck, 116 stories above the ground. Lean back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Ontario underneath.

Old Quebec

Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the oldest walled city in North America. Quebec was founded by the French explorer Champlain in the early 17th century. The city spreads across from the Upper to the Lower Town of Quebec. The Upper Town is home to the Citadel, the Plains of Abraham, Place d’Armes and the Parque Historique de l’Artillerie. The outstanding Château Frontenac is located in the Lower Town.

Canada is a superb holiday destination for everyone. Wildlife lovers and outdoor adventurists will love the Canadian Rocky Mountains. A visit to Niagara will be an unforgettable one. Enjoy the ethnically diverse Vancouver city. Remember to keep a lookout for the CN Tower which is visible from almost everywhere in Toronto. Immerse yourself in the charming French Canadian character of Old Quebec. If you would like to see all of Canada, Saga Holidays offer an escorted tour that covers the east and west of Canada.

Image by AER Wilmington DE and ecstaticist used under the Creative Commons license

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  1. Canada looks so beautiful! My partner was there for work briefly earlier this year, but just the cities. We have family over there, so we’d love to go at some point in the near future, and seeing this just inspires me even more!!

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