Whether you’re a maritime enthusiast, or you’re just looking to teach the kids a little more about the world’s nautical history — there are plenty of museums and exhibits to choose from. They can make the learning experience fun for kids of all ages. Who knows, they may even want to live the nautical life themselves when they grow up!

International Maritime Museum

Hamburg is a bustling city, and home to some of the best maritime finds in greater Europe. The International Maritime Museum is laid out over 9 floors and is completely child friendly. Guests can try out the ship simulator, or sample some of the many artefacts discovered by German sailors which have been gifted to the museum. The centre also does a combined family ticket for groups of two adults and two children so it’s a relatively cheap day out if you’re visiting the city on holiday and are on a budget.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Families can see ships of the past for less at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the home of the Royal Navy, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Guests can take part in one of its many harbour tours, which includes historic buildings and ships as well as sightings of Britain’s destroyers and helicopter carriers. It’s around a 45 minute trip and features commentary in various languages. The organizers wish to provide the most interactive experience possible, so it’s perfect for kids of all ages.




Museu da Marinha

It takes around half a day to make your way around the Museu da Marinha in Lisbon. This beautiful building plays an excellent host to the array of artefacts and models which inhabit it. It’s a fun way to learn about Portugal’s nautical history while the interactive exhibits keep the learning experience vibrant for even younger children. The museum is also a chance for the kids to become worldlier, if you wish them to.

Some maritime museums are more time consuming than others depending on their size, so take a look on their websites to see how long it should take you to get around. You can also check review from other visitors on travel sites. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled online for family tickets, packages and other deals — there are opportunities to save money throughout the year.

Image by Stewart Black, used under Creative Commons licence 

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  1. Lydia and Dominic love museums, aquariums, zoos, they are like sponges and always seem interested, it’s a great way to spend rainy days. They love the quizzes that some of the places do which ask them questions as they go around!

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