This year there is loads of yummy Easter treats to choose from. This year I have brought the most Eggs that I have ever brought, and I also brought some for me and my husband, which is a first.

There is still time to buy your Easter eggs, even online. Here are few I like this year


easter treats 2015 2


Elizabeth Shaw


elisabeth shaw











Zesty Crisp Collection Egg & Mint Crisp Collection Egg

The zesty comes with a milk chocolate egg and dark chocolate lemon crisp and milk chocolate orange crisp. The mint one is a dark chocolate egg with both dark and milk chocolate crisps.

RRP – £10 each



godiva pouch

godiva pop mini eggs











Godiva Easter Pouch

Contains 7 white and 7 milk chocolate mini eggs


Chocolate Pop Mini Easter Egg Treats

coloured foil-wrapped chocolate egg POPS, including 3 dark, 4 milk and one white, filled with an exquisite selection of finest ganaches, pralines, mousses and pates




egg and soilders











Chocolate Egg and Soldiers

White chocolate egg with 4 dark chocolate soldiers. A great alternative to and Easter egg or bunny.




sainsburys eggs

bunny dark

bunny milk

bunny white










Hollow Milk Chocolate Eggs

25 hollow milk chocolate eggs in different coloured foil wrappers


Taste the difference, Swiss Dark, Milk and White Bunnys 

Hollow bunny’s made with luxury swiss chocolate

£6.00 each or 2 for £8.00



tesco bunnys

chocablok 2





Milk Chocolate Bunnies

Milk chocolate bunnies

£1 each or 2 for £1.50

Chocablok American Dreamcake egg

White chocolate egg swirled with dark chocolate with yummy biscuit and chocolate brownie pieces

Chocablok Totally Minted Egg

Dark chocolate egg swirled with white chocolate with chocolate chunks, mint choc pieces and mint fondant drops

£5.oo each


So which is your favourite?


I received some of these product for free for including them in this post. All opinions are mine
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