Wowool Balls Dryer Balls Review

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You must have heard of dryer balls before. Them little lumpy balls you put in your tumble dryer to help your clothes dry quicker and become softer. Well, have you ever heard of Wowool balls?

They are dryer balls that are made from sheep’s wool and are 100% natural. They contain no chemical unlike fabric conditioner and leave your clothes really soft with a nice delicate smell. They are also 100% hypo-allergenic, so they are suitable for all the family, even those with sensitive skin

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I really liked these wowool balls. They don’t leave any fluff on clothes, not even on black clothing. And they last for 1500 uses!

I often used to find that my clothes took ages to dry as fabric conditioner actually makes clothes hold onto water and also my clothes would become tangled with each other. These wowool balls prevent clothes from tangling and also speed up drying time, which means using less electricity which is a big bonus for me

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I had never heard of these before, so was really glad to be introduced to them. They are a god send. I will never switch back to using fabric conditioner. And if you like your clothes to have a scent to them, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the balls.

You can buy these Wowool balls from Amazon.

You can also find more about them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube


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Wowools dryer balls

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I received a pack of these wowool balls in return for a review. All opinions are mine

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