The Adventures of the Cuddle Pirate Book Review & Giveaway

The Adventures of the Cuddle Pirate book are really great! We received two book. The Jelly Giant and The Fruity Fish.

The back of the books read :

The Cuddle Pirate and his crew go on many exciting adventures on both land and sea. They love to eat healthy food and every time little boys and girls eat all their healthy food, he and his crew visit them in their dreams for cuddles and take them for adventures. His adversary, the central villain of the series is know as the Sugar Shark. He and his gang only eat unhealthy foods such as chocolate, sugar and fizzy drinks and are always trying to spoil the Cuddle Pirate’s adventure!


cuddle pirates books


The books are written by Kelly Elsworthy and illustrated by Becky Dench

Cuddle Pirate Author, Kelly ElsworthyKelly developed the concept of the Cuddle Pirate whilst making up stories for her 3 year old son Jack and his friends. The idea being, to encourage them to eat their vegetables, by telling great adventure stories full of magical characters who love eating healthy food. If the children were good and finished their meal, the Cuddle Pirate would send them cuddles in their dreams.

Kelly is a keen advocator that education in basic nutrition and the identification of ‘healthy’ foods should be promoted from an early age. She believes this knowledge will not only encourage children to try new foods but to actively seek them out. This in turn will promote positive future eating habits and lifestyle choices as adults.

Kelly currently works in Sales and is based in Bournemouth, Dorset.


Cuddle Pirate Illustrator, Becky DenchAs with any children’s book the story is only part of the tale. The Illustrations breath life into the characters and make the stories come alive.

Kelly was desperate to find an illustrator who was as passionate about the concept as she is, and who could bring the characters in her imagination to life. After searching high and low, Kelly finally found what can only be described as the ideal partner in Becky Blake. Becky is a professional graphic designer and illustrator based in Weymouth, Dorset.

We hope your children enjoy the exciting tales and fantastic illustrations as much as we do and more importantly that it helps your children eat more healthily.


Our review 

The kids really enjoyed these books and loved how some words popped out with colour. My little girl loved that their was also girl pirates in the books and she loved the nasty shark.

Overall these were brilliant books with a great message of healthy eating, and the illustrations were really great too!

cuddle pirate book 2


And also at the end of each book is a fantastic recipe you and your child can make together!

This Blueberry Beth Trifle sounds yummy!!!


cuddle pirate book 3


Ypu can find more about this book series at

And you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


And I also have 2 books to giveaway – signed by author Kelly Elsworthy!

Just enter via the gleam widget below!


2 Signed copys of The adventures of the Cuddle Pirate Books

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I received two books to review and also two books to giveaway. All opinions are mine

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