I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy few months back. That day was by far one of the happiest days of my life. It almost magically took away all the struggles and pain that came with pregnancy and labor. At that moment, I thought it was the end of a toilsome phase and the start of a splendid one. Little did I know that it was actually the beginning of yet another life chapter that was much harder than anything I’d ever been through in the past! During the first few weeks after my little boy was born, I found myself torn between numerous duties, trying hard to cope with life. Today, after all the trial and errors, I stand at a much better place having learnt the skills to help me get by the toughies that come with being a new mother.

Here are 5 struggles that I came across as a new mom and my ways of coping with them:

  1.   No Rest Or Respite –When all my recently-turned-mommy friends would complain about how sleep deprived they are, I would wonder aloud –“how bad can it actually be?” It’s only when I became a mom could I emphasize with them. The first couple of weeks after you’ve delivered a baby are truly the hardest. You’re either breastfeeding your little one to sleep, cleaning up after him or watching over him, leaving you with little time for rest. Just when you finally manage to get some shut eye, your baby hurls out a loud cry, waking you up from just an hour long of peaceful sleep that you managed to catch. No matter what they say about enjoying the positives of motherhood, when you’re low on sleep and energy, it’s rather hard to see the brighter side of things and I am no exception to that rule. It is important to make sure that you and your partner share the responsibility of taking care of your child. Lack of sleep can not only harm your health but also your baby’s. Today, my husband and I take turns to watch over our baby so that neither of us loses out on the zzzz’s we need.
  2.   No Time For Self Love –The initial days of motherhood made me forego on a lot of my personal time. Being someone who’d always find a way to read, write or bake during the day, I reached a stage where even paying attention to my appearance became a luxury, let alone finding time to pursue my interests. I was pretty much tending from one job to another with no time left for self indulgence at all. Sometimes my husband would carry flowers on his way back from work and that would be the only solace in my otherwise mundane life. I am an inherently creative person and the lack of a stimulating outlet started to make me feel stifled. It’s only then that I realized that I didn’t need to do everything all by myself. I started to reach out to my mother and my sister to babysit my child while I’d get myself an hour or two of exclusive me-time once in every 3-4 days.
  3.   No Time For Partner –When my husband and I had first met at college, we were inseparable. Soon after our little one came into our lives, our exclusive moments became a distant memory. Though my well wishers had warned me this would happen, I ignored their words of caution thinking that my husband and I would be unaffected. Well, reality struck hard and our exclusive time got divided. Even our talks became only concerning our baby. That’s when I decided we needed to change things a little. Even if it meant not being able to go on regular romantic dates or exotic holidays like we used to, we needed to make the best of the little moments. Now, every day after my hubby comes back from work, I ensure that I put my baby to sleep and devote that time only to my partner. From watching movies to cooking up a meal together, we ensure we do fun little things together, just the two of us.
  4.  Clueless Professional Situation – Before my little one was born, I used to work as a writer in a magazine and for me it was nothing short of therapy. I loved my job! After my 6th month of pregnancy, I began working from home at my convenience and continued till the end of the 7th month. Almost 16 weeks since the day my little one was born, I still haven’t resumed work. It’s impossible to think of not being able to see my baby for hours together. Today, I work as a part-time blogger and I write for myself and for other mothers. I make sure I do what I love without having to worry about my baby.
  5.   Weight Woes –Ask any new mother what she misses most about her old life and she’s sure going to place her bets on her hot bod before pregnancy! I was determined to lose all my pregnancy flab right after delivery, but the idea seemed plausible only in theory. Having had a C section, I was advised by my doctor to go easy on my exercise regimen after delivery. Also, in an attempt to ensure that my baby doesn’t fall short on any nutrients, I didn’t cut down on the essential foods that my body needed to produce wholesome milk for my baby. After 8 weeks of feeling like I’d never get my body back, I enrolled in a yoga class and had my mother watch over my baby when I’d be out for my class. Yoga has done wonders not only to my body but also, my peace of mind.

While I may have stumbled and fallen many times in my journey through my 4 months of motherhood, I have also emerged much stronger and enriched. Today, I can proudly say that I am doing a good job of being a hands-on mother and balancing it perfectly with my personal space.

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