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A few weeks ago I received some slimfast products and was asked to try out their 3-2-1 plan. The ideal is to have 3 snacks, either slimfast snacks or some fruit, 2 meal replacement bars or shakes and 1 healthy 600 calories meal, When I started the plan I weighed 11 stone 5 lb. I am slightly overweight for my height of 5’5.  my BMI was 26, a healthy BMI is 18-25. Most of my weight is around my belly, my arms and legs aren’t that big. But I am finding it hard to watch my weight, as I don’t have the time to exercise, I only go to the gym once a week. The rest of the time I am either working on my blog or making my etsy orders, tidying the house, doing the school run, cooking, running around after the kids etc, etc.

I started the plan eating porridge for breakfast, then either a shake or bar for dinner and for tea a healthy meal. Then after about a week I replaced my porridge for a shake too. The shakes are really nice and kept me feeling full until my next meal. I wasn’t over keen on the meal replacement bars as I found them quite hard and they hurt my teeth trying to bite into them. The snacks were nice too, especially the chive pretzels.

So far I have lost 4lbs on this plan, which I think is great, as I did only go to the gym twice in this time. I will be carrying on with the slimfast plan, but will just be sticking to a shake at breakfast and at dinner and trying to eat more fruit or nuts has my snacks. But I think the main thing I need to improve on is finding more time for exercise.


I received the slimfast products in return for this post. All opinions are mine



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