Most of us have had it happen to us. Your child has accidentally dropped your phone you left on the side. I have had it happen to me loads of times. They often want to play games on it, which I let them sometimes. So as soon as I leave the room, there they are trying to reach for it to play with, even though I have put it on the sideboard towards the back so they can’t reach. If you think they won’t reach it, you thought wrong. My youngest two kids are 4 and 5 and are little mischief makers. They are always doing and touching things they know their not supposed too. And as soon has my back is turned, there they are up to their fun and games. So what other ways can I protect my phone from getting broken with these little monsters around?

  • You could carry it around with you. But that’s not possible for me, as I am far to busy to even to remember to take it with me.
  • You could have a secure place for it. You could put it high up on a top shelf. Just make sure the kids don’t see you, as if they are like mine, they will be climbing up like monkeys to try and get it.
  • You could start a reward chart. If your kids misbehave or grab your phone when you tell them not too, you take a sticker off. If they get a certain amount of stickers at the end of the week they get a little treat.
  • Buy them their own tablet or leappad. Why would they want to play with yours when they have their own, right?
  • Open a current account. Did you know that some current accounts come with mobile phone insurance? No need to worry about the kids braking your phone, when you have got free insurance.
  • Get rid of your mobile phone. Ok, ignore that one, stupid idea.

What do you do to protect your mobile phone from your little monsters?


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3 comments on “Protecting Your Mobile Phone with Kids Around”

  1. i must admit my eldest has an ipad so is uninterested in my phone and we bought our youngest an innotab, she still asks to look a pics on my phone now & then but she accepts no a bit more now 🙂

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