My kids love arts and rafts, especially my youngest two. Caitlin, 5 and Aaron, 4. So when we was asked if we would like to try out a Weekend Box, of course we said yes.


In each box there are four different activity’s or crafts. Each one is represented by a cute woodland animal

Something to Cook
Something to Make
Something to Explore 
Something Green

Each weekend box is based around a theme. The theme for the weekend box we received was Aztec
The first thing we did out of our box was the Atec mosaic coasters. each activity has a card tellin you what you need to make it. There is a sticker on the outside of the activity pack that tells you what is all ready included, so you just need a few extra bits like scissors and a pencil.

Caitlin and Aaron didn’t want to do the coasters like it showed you in some examples, they just wanted to stick the bit everywhere. And Aaron, who loves cutting, wanted to cut around is patteren.


After they had completed the first activity they got to place a sticker on the card.

Next up was the Aztec pattern prints. Everything you need was included apart from the scissors and glue. Has the boxes are aimed at one child the string wasn’t that long when I cut it in to two, but there was enough card to make four pictures, so they did 2 each.

You had to glue the string to the paper and then wait for it to dry, then paint it and stamp it on your card to make patterns. The kids loved doing this and made me go and find some more paper so they could make loads more.

You have to wait for the glue on the string to dry, so while we was waiting we started on the next project.

The Aztec Parrot. This was the kids favourite. The only thing you needed for this one that wasn’t included was glue and a toilet roll.


Here are Caitlin and Aaron showing of their finished parrots.

The last activity was to make some Aztec hot chocolate. For this you need to buy some dark and milk chocolate. We haven’t done this one yet, has I keep forgetting to buy the chocolate. so will be doing this one next weekend.

When you subscribe to weekend box, when they dispatch your box they send you an email to let you know what you need to buy, so you can make sure you have everything before it arrives.

I love that each activity is on it’s own card, as you could save these and do them again. They have all the things you need listed on the card, instructions, how difficult it is and how long it takes to do.

Each weekend box costs £7.50 and you can choose to have one delivered every 2 weeks or every month. They post the boxes out on a Tuesday and they should arrive by Friday, ready for the weekend.

I really like these boxes, as they are a lot cheaper than other kids subscription boxes. You can also add on an extra child for £4.00, But there is enough materials in our box for both my kids to make one each already.

I would highly recommend the Weekend Box and if you would like to try out your first weekend box for free just go to and use code : NATASHA194

You can also find Weekend Box on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 
We received a weekend box in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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