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About the Book

Book : The Secret Place by Tana French

Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton

Pages : 496

My star rating : 4/5

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My Review
This is the first book by Tana French I have read. I heard really good reviews about her, so was really looking forward to reading this.This focuses on 4 teenage school girls who re best friends and go to Kilda’s boarding school. Then one day Chris, a boy from the nearby boy’s boarding school is found dead on the grounds of Kilda’s. Detective’s Moran and Conway are called in to investigate a year after the murder when one of the 4 friends, Holly, bring detective Moran a note from school, saying that someone know’s who killed Chris.I really enjoyed this book. Love both the characters Moran and Conway. Loved how it shared the close bound and amazingly strong friendship held between the four girls.There was one thing I really hated and I don’t think it brought anything to the story. That was that half way through the four friends found that they all had a special power. They could make lights go out by themselves and move objects with the power of their minds. If this was left out of the book it wouldn’t have made any difference to the story, just maybe more realistic. This part of the book totally confused me and there was just no need for it.

The end was really good. Liked how it all came together and how everything was revealed.

I would have given this book 5/5, but because of the strange gift the girls had, let the book down a bit. so 4/5 stars


About the Author
Tana French grew up in Ireland, Italy, the US and Malawi, and has lived in Dublin since 1990. She trained as a professional actress at Trinity College, Dublin, and has worked in theatre, film and voice-over.
This is the 5th book in the Dublin Murder Squad series by Tana French.
You can find Tana French at, Facebook and on Goodreads


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