Flowers by Post from Debenhams

Moonlight - flowers by post from debenhams
I was asked to review some Debenhams flower delivery by post. I could pink any I like from the ‘flowers by post’ range. I went for the Moonlight bunch. Which contained pink carnations, cream lilies and memory lane roses. This bunch is priced at £29.99
The postman delivered them in a big purple box. When I opened the box they where wrapped in tissue paper. After I I got them out I cut the steams as they were very long and found my vase from under the kitchen sink and placed them in with some water,
The lilies weren’t out when they first arrived. They came out about 4 days later, but at this point the roses had started to wither. has you can see in the above picture of the rose on the left at the back. 
The carnations lasted a long time and altogether only 3 lilies opened. The others started to die about 2 weeks later before they had even opened up. 
To be honest I was a little disappointed with these. I don’t know if it was just because of the variety I had or what. 
If your looking to buy your mum some mother’s day flowers don’t go for ones that die quickly like roses or ones that last longer like lilies unless you want to put them in separate vases.
I also have a discount code if tou would like to by some. It’s DFBLOG25 and this will give you 25% off any flowers from the flowers by post range
Family Fever

I was sent the moonlight flowers in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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