My eldest son, Ryan, 9 is football mad. He loves playing football down at the park with his friends and for the school football team. But when it comes to getting him his football kit he can be fussy and he has to have the right style.
He likes his brand names, which can be pricey but a great site I’ve found to buy his kit from is Heaven of Brands. They have all Ryan’s favourite brands but a lot cheaper then many other places.
This is an example of what his perfect training kit would look like:
I bet you can guess what is his two favourite brands are can’t you. Yep, everything has to be either Adidas or Nike.
But if buying the full kit in all brand names is two expensive,  (like it is for me) just pick one or two items that are brand names. I normally go for the boots, coat or hoody and football. The rest you can just buy plain jog bottoms, t-shirts and socks. Shin pads don’t really matter either as you can’t see what brand they are when your child is wearing them under their socks.
But he can be really fussy that even his shoes have to look like the football boots style. He would absolutely LOVE some trainers like these Messi ones. I might treat him to some like these for his birthday.

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