I was on Facebook the other day and a really good friend posted a picture of her passport and a map with the caption “Wanderlust: An Irresistible desire to travel, to understand one’s very existence”.
As you know winter vacation has just started and so she was planning to travel to quite a few places around the world with her family. Seeing that picture and that quote made me think of how much I love traveling and how it’s been so long since I took a vacation anywhere fun or adventurous or just somewhere relaxing with my family or friends.
Sometimes you just get so caught up in day to day life that you really don’t get a chance to do the things you love. I have been so busy at with balancing my work and school that it seems I never get a chance to travel somewhere.
Of course, being in college means you can’t always afford to travel all the over the world, but I have decided that I am going to travel to Australia next December! Why Australia and why in December? Because I have always been fascinated by the wild life of Australia and in December because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, which means it will be sunny there in December and I will be able to avoid the dreary winter – bonus!
I have been fascinated by Australia for so long because it seems like everything there is either poisonous or dangerous in one way or another. Of course I am not planning to go there to get stung or anything, but I would just love to see the outback and see the wildlife. It’s so different from the wildlife we have here in England…I have also decided that I am going to look at this as kind of like a new year’s resolution for the year 2015.
Of course December is still so far away, but that just means I have got more time to plan everything out and really work towards making this resolution a reality. I have been so excited by the thought of traveling to Australia that I have already been looking at the things I could do there and the hotels on Travelocity and I learned something in the process…this could be quite an expensive trip! This means I need to start saving money now.
So while I was searching online for ways to make this trip more budgets friendly, I came across a great website called VouchaCodes.co.uk. Basically it’s this great website dedicated to providing vouchers for many stores and business and they have vouchers for Travelocity.co.uk!
Of course since my trip is planned for the end of next year, I won’t really be redeeming any of their vouchers right now, but I have bookmarked the website and will return to it sometime in November next year to finalize everything. Let’s make this happen!
So what are your dream vacation destinations? Leave a comment below and let me know!
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