Money Saving Tips to Avoid After Christmas Debt

Christmas is over and the New year has begun and everyone is trying to get back to normal and back in their daily routines. But it can be hard after all the excitement of the holiday season when you have loads of bills to pay and have less money, especially if you took some time off work over Christmas.

If your like me, all the bills seem to arrive all at the same time. So you need to make sure you are prepared to pay them. The most important bills to pay are the rent or mortgage, followed by gas and electric. Always make sure you have a roof over your head and ways to heat it. You can take a look here at the mortgage calculator page.

If you have catalogues, credit cards or other debts to pay, always make sure you pay the one with the highest interest rate first. A good rule to stick by is to always pay off your statements in full when you receive them, that way you won’t incur any added interest.

As for food, that can be a big expense. But if you meal plan and downgrade to supermarkets own brands you can save a small fortune over time.

Other ways to help you save money is to get rid of your TV subscription if you have one. If you have monthly subscriptions such as food or beauty boxes, netflix or lovefilm, etc, cancel them. I bet a lot of you have a gym subscription that you pay for, but hardly ever go, if so, cancel it. Even doing small things can save you money over the year like, turn the lights of when you are not using them, switch electrics of at the mains when not in use, stop buying your morning coffee from the cafe, just make your own and take it with you in a travel mug.

But my must do tip is to not get yourself in to a financial mess at the beginning of the year. Easier said than done , right?  But if you start putting a bit of money away each week starting from now, then you will have a bit of money saved for next Christmas. Saving for next Christmas now, means not as much bill in January.

What are your top money saving tips? How do you keep yourself out of debt after Christmas?

Money Saving Tips to Avoid After Christmas Debt

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