Homemade Name Stickers

Handmade kids Name Stickers

I get fed up with my 3 kids arguing who’s toy belong to who. Especially when they have a few things that are the same. The main culprit is their colouring books and felt tips.

So I thought about buying some coloured stickers and writing their names on them. I had a few sheets of label stickers so I thought I would make my own homemade name stickers instead. I found the template of the label sheet from avery and downloaded to my computer.

I then opened it up and in every label template I wrote each child’s name, but used different colours and different fonts, to change it up a bit. Then I simply printed them out. And Volia! Sorted.

They now have a sheet of stickers with their name on to put on all their items. So no more mixing who’s is who’s colouring books any more.

Handmade kids Name Stickers

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  1. I bought those printed stickers before but not try to print it myself! I would probably do it as it can save lot of money. Thanks you for sharing it with us. #pintorials

  2. Great idea, I might have to try this as my girls have a lot things the same or just slightly different and I have no idea whose is whose.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

  3. GREAT idea! My kids would have loved that so much when they were little. I remember going out and buying name stickers…. Stopped by from LadyBug Blessings.

  4. This is a brilliant idea, I should make some of these for all my stationery that miraculously vanishes then appears in my son’s room lol

  5. Very Nice information, I can use this for future references especially if it’s related to stickers activity or artworks for my son and daughter.