Handmade Frozen Bracelets

Handmade kids Frozen Bracelets

I recently received loads of lovely beads from House of Gems. They have loads of wonderful beads and jewelry supply’s to choose from. Here are some of the beads I got:

selection of beads from House of Gems

The first thing I decided to make with these beads were some beautiful ‘Frozen’ themed bracelets for my daughter Caitlin. She just loves the film Frozen and she has the Elsa dress up outfit with the long hair headband. We saw some Frozen bracelets in a shop, and she wanted them to go with her outfit. But they were £8 each!! I’m not going to pay that kind of price when I can make my own.

I choose to use the pink, pale blue and lilac glass beads. I just simply cut off some stretchy transparent cord, tied a knot it one end, placed the beads on and fastened with a knot at the end. Then just put the extra cord back through the beads to hid the ends.

Handmade kids Frozen Bracelets

Simple!! Now she has two gorgeous frozen bracelets at a fraction of the cost.

What do you think? They look even better on, then they do in the photo.


I received the beads in return for this post. all opinions are mine

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