Glitza Body and Nail Fashion Studio Review

Glitza Body and Nail Fashion Studio - Glitter Tattoos review


Glitza Body and Nail Fashion Studio - Glitter Tattoos review

We received this great Glitza Body and Nail Fashion Studio to try out.

The set includes :
  • workstation with 2 drawers
  • Heart Magnifer
  • Headband
  • 2 brushes
  • tweezers
  • 4 pots of glitter
  • 2 posts of gems
  • a few sheets of shiny paper & black flocked paper
  • Tattoo sheets – over 75 tattoos
  • instructions
When I first opened the box, I thought I would be really hard and complicated.  And I also thought there was going to be a lot of mess with the glitter. But to my delight I was wrong.

It is really easy to apply the glitter tattoos. You simply choose a tattoo you would like, cut it to size. Peel the backing of and place on your chosen item. May that be a part of your body or a book, or anything you like really.

Caitlin, 5,  choose a pretty crown for her first tattoo. We placed it on her hand and gave it a little rub with the bottom end of one of the brushes. Slowly peel it back of, making sure it has all stuck down.

Then comes the fun part. Choose which colour glitter you want to use. Caitlin choose pink for the top part and a bit of silver for the bottom. Now this is where I thought it would get messy, with glitter flying all over the place. I just dabbed the small brush in the pink glitter and dabbed it on the tattoo and it went straight on. I thought bits would be falling of everywhere, but it was only a very few bits, you could hardly notice.

Caitlin was very please with the end result

Glitza Body and Nail Fashion Studio - Glitter Tattoos review

Glitza Body and Nail Fashion Studio - Glitter Tattoos review

We did this tattoo together on Friday night, today as I am writing, is Tuesday and the tattoo is still on and looking good. If you child’s school don’t allow things like this, then it can easily be removed with soap and water.

My eldest son Ryan, 9, wanted to stick one on his PS3 remote. He choose a small heart and did it pink, to reminded him of his girlfriend he said (yes he has a girlfriend! lol and he says he’s in love. They do make me laugh at that age)

Glitza Body and Nail Fashion Studio - Glitter Tattoos review

The set also come with a headband to decorate. So far Caitlin has just put a pink butterfly on it “And I  will do some more another day” she told me.

Overall I loved this set. I thought it was going to be used once then forgotten about. But already Caitlin is finding things to put her glitter tattoos on. You can also buy refill packs of the tattoos, which is great as I want to put one on my laptop, but Caitlin won’t let me have one :(. So I will have to get my own.

This set is priced at £19.99 and you can buy if from Trends UK  and other retailers too. I love that it has drawers on to store everything in and you can use any glitter, not just the ones that come with it.

I’d give this toy a 5/5

Family Fever
we were sent this in return for a review. All opinions are mine 

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  1. I must admit that this is the sort of toy I dread my children being old enough for!
    Glad she enjoys it though.
    Lovely to see you linking up with #TriedTested this week x