Fresha Bags – Do They Really Work?

Fresha Bag


I was asked to try out some Fresha Bags, that claim to keep your food fresher for longer. I was very sceptical about these bags and didn’t think that they would work at all. Basically they just look like plain blue plastic bags. I mean how can that help keep food fresh? They don’t even have a zip closing or anything. But I thought I would give them a go. And I am so glad I did, as they DO actually work!

I tried mine with a bag of spinach leaves and some iceberg lettuce, I kept the items in their original packaging and placed them in the fresha bags.

I had already opened and used both the spinach and lettuce before I put them in the bags. I love iceberg lettuce but rarely buy it as once opened it seems to go off within about 24 hours.

Trying out Fresha Bag - Do they really work ?

With the iceberg lettuce, I normally throw it away the day after opening. But two days later I tried some and it was still fresh. I was really surprised but thought the bag would only add an extra day or two to the life of it. But I was wrong again. 5 days later I made some wheat thins with cheese spread, Branston pickle and iceberg lettuce. Yes, the very same iceberg lettuce!! And it was only just starting to lose it’s freshness. So in total the iceberg lettuce lasted about 7 days with the fresha bags when normally only lasts 1 day.

wheat thins with cheese spread, lettuce and branston pickle

I was proven wrong about these bags and will definitely be buying more. My spinach is still fresh in the fridge now and it as been 11 days.

Fresha Bags come in packs of 20 for £3.99 – and they are also reusable!

You can buy these direct from their website

You can also find them on Facebook

I was sent out some fresha bags in return for this post. all opinions are mine

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