Finding Ways to Store all of my Books

I have loads of books. So many that they are taking over my bedroom. At the moment I have them stored in a big basket and also on a free standing mirror that has shelves on the back.

I’m hoping to decorate my bedroom this year and thought it would be the perfect time to find something to store all my books in.

My first thought for my book stoarge was maybe to get a built in bookcase like this one

or a floating bookcase

I really like both of these. But My room isn’t very big, so there wouldn’t be much room for my wardrobe. So I thought about a big fitted wardrobe. One that’s big enough to store both

mine and my husbands clothes along with all my books

I am thinking about decorating my room plum and lilac, so if I got a large wardrobe like this it would be perfect. Space to but all our clothes and my books, along with all my other bits and bobs. I love the sliding doors and the mirror too.
I have also been thinking about making a part of my room into a little office for my blog work.And this wardrobe would work well. clothes on the right, books on the shelves and room for my laptop and notebooks.

Do you have problem storing books? Which of these storage ideas do you like the best?

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