My little girl Caitlin is always ruining her dolls and teddys by drawing on their faces with felt tip pens. “Making them pretty” she says, when I question why she does it. But now I have found a solution. The Doodle Bear. The bear comes with it’s own felt tip pen and stamper to draw to your hearts content all over the Doodle Bear. And when you are bored of the design just place it in the washing machine and start all over again!

It also comes with a light pen, which you can ‘draw’ with on the front of the bear and it then glows in the dark.

I really love this bear and now I tell Caitlin, that she is allowed to draw on this bear but not on her others. So far she has listened to me. But I do find myself washing this quite often, as she always completely covers in and needs to always start from scratch.

Doodle Bear Glow is suitable from 3 years+ and has a RRP of £24.99

I received the doodle bear in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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