The spice and herb bible by Ian Hemphill
“From world renowned spice and herb expert Ian Hemphill comes The Spice and Herb Bible, fully revised and updated and now in its third edition. Part spice encyclopaedia, part cookery tome and part spice trade memoir, this impressive and informative book will open up a wealth of culinary possibilities to chefs and home cooking enthusiasts. 
Ian Hemphill describes and explains a list of 97 different spices used in today’s global kitchens, as well as demystifying the art of combining herbs and spices to make delicious spice blends, mixes and rubs.  Ian’s spice combination pyramid allows readers to blend with ease by showing the proportions to use, grouped by their approximate flavour strengths.  Ian explains how cooks can easily mix Massaman, Amok and Malay curry powders and spice mixes such as Dukkah, Chaat Masala, Chinese Five Spice Powder and Ras el Hanout at home. 
Hemphill’s co-author and daughter Kate provides 177 recipes that accompany her father’s comprehensive A-Z of herbs and spices. Recipes include:  Kuwaiti Fish Stew with Black Lime, Lavender and Lemon Olive Oil Cakes, Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic and Moroccan Chicken Bastilla with Rose.
With 125 new recipes33 new spice blends, and 6 new spices included, this new edition will become the definitive resource on spices and herbs for chefs, keen foodies and culinary novices. 
About Ian:
Ian Hemphill is one of the world’s foremost spice and herb experts.  A household name across Australia, Ian began his career as an actor before following his heart into the spice trade like his parents before him. His mother Rosemary Hemphill was the first Australian to have a book published on herbs and spices in 1959.  Ian now runs popular spice and herb store Herbie’s Spices with his wife Liz. In 2000, Ian became winner of the Gourmet Traveller Jaguar Award for innovation in produce. In October 2007, Ian Hemphill was inducted into the Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Magazine’s Food Hall of Fame.
With over 40 years in the spice industry under his belt, Ian’s passion has led him to travel all over the world in search of new spices and herbs. From dangerous run-ins with fake spice merchants in Egypt to exploring 300 year old farms in the beautiful spice gardens of southern India, Ian has travelled far and wide in pursuit of new and high quality herbs and spices.”
This book has everything you need to know about herbs and spices. There are some truly amazing things that I have never heard of before! There are some really great recipes too. These are great for using some of the less commonly known herbs and spices.
These Banana crepes sound delicious, I can’t wait to make some

The spice and herb bible by Ian Hemphill

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  1. Cumin, I just love the smell of it toasting gently. Just a little makes a raita so tasty. In growing herbs I love rosemary, for the smell and how much the bees love it.

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