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I was challenged by The Plastic Box Shop to take The 4 Box Challenge in order to help me get more organized and clutter free.

We had just brought some new sideboards for our living as the others ones were basically falling apart. So this was the time to sort out all our drawers and cupboards which hadn’t be organized in months!

The idea is to use 4 boxes named with:

Bin– Items which you intend to throw away.
Donate – Items which you intend to donate to charity.
Keep – Items which will remain in their current position and are to be kept.
Store – Items which you do not want to throw away but would be able to relocate and possibly stored.

In the photo above photo you can see the 4 large different coloured boxes.
so I got started on sorting out the first draw which was full of hats, scarfs and gloves.
Then it was on to the second draw filled with wires and cables
Here’s the cabinets dismantled and ready for the bin
And here are all 4 boxes filled. I had plenty of items that was in the store box, things like summer hats that can be put away for next year. And lot’s of bags filled will yarn cut offs from making my quiet critters that can be stored up stairs with my craft stuff to use as toy stuffing.
The bin it box was quite full will old school newsletters and bills and broken bits and bobs
I found that using this 4 box system really worked for me, as normally when I sort things out I have piles of stuff all over the floor, and then I forget what each pile is and have to go through it again. I was done in no time and it was much easier putting the stuff away that had to be put away.
Have you ever used this method before? 
I received the 4 plastic boxes in order to take part in this challenge. All opinions are mine

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