November's Degustabox

I’m a bit late in posting up what was in the November Winter Degustabox. Been so busy trying to get Christmas sorted and me, my husband and kids have all been taking it in turns to get ill.

Anyway first out of the box was this Montano cider. This is made from apples grown in northern Italy and it is nice and not too sweet. I like really sweet cider, but I would drink this again. This is priced at £2.79 for a 660ml bottle and you can but it from Tesco and Strada restaurants
I give this 4/5

New from Branston are some yummy chutney’s. Caramelized onion and Mediterranean Tomato are priced at £1.50 each. I received the tomato one and tried it on a cheese sandwich and I must say it was delicious! This is something that I will make sure is always in my fridge.
I give this 5/5

I really liked the idea of this Cool Dawn Recovery drink. It’s an herbal detox drink that helped to cure and prevent hangovers. You are supposed to have one after drinking and another one in the morning. My husband tried this out but only manged to drink half a can as he didn’t like the taste. It’s got licorice in it which my husbands hates, but i like licorice so I had a sip. But it was disgusting. I could only manage one sip and needed to have something else to drink to take the taste away. These are priced at £1.49 each.
I give these 0/5

I couldn’t wait to try this sample of Drink Me Chai Latte. I had it straight away that’s why it’s already opened in the photo. This was lovely. I will be buying this again
I give this 4/5

Holy Cow are curries made from natural ingredients. The flavours are Mangalore Malabar and Kashmir Rogan Josh. We haven’t tried these yet, but i know we will like them, especially my husband as he is a curry addict. These are priced at £1.69 each
I give these 4/5 (for looks)

We still haven’t got around to trying these Kent’s Kitchen flavour shots. We received the fajita ones and will be trying them this week in some wraps. You get 4 small pots of herbs, oil etc to add to your meal. Priced at £1.85 for 4 small shots
I give them 4/5 (for looks)

You might have already seen these Kettle Chips in Salsa & Mesquite flavour on my blog, as I tried these out a few weeks back. Still not quite worked out what mesquite is, but they are nice. I do prefer some of the other flavours of Kettle crisp more than these. Priced at £2.19
I give these a 3/5

These were my favourite from the whole box! Lindt Lindor My Melting Moments. We received 5 so we all got to try one each. My kids loved them and asked me straight away if I would buy some more. My husband died and went to heaven as Lindt chocolate is his all time favourite. They were lovely and came in little snowflake shapes. These are just amazingly delicious!!
They are priced at 65p each
I give these 5/5

Pip Organic Cloudy Apple Juice have a lovely sweet and smooth flavour. They are made from 100% organic fruit and made not from concentrate with no added sugar, preservatives or additives. I really liked these but would have liked the bottles to be a bit bigger. They are 200mls for £1.50

I give these 3/5

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What do you like the most from this month’s box?

I received this Degustabox in return for this post. All opioins are mine

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