Improve your family’s health with a dehumidifier
Keeping your family happy and healthy in winter is a difficult task, especially if they suffer from any allergies, but there is an easy way to really improve everyone’s health by using a simple dehumidifier in your home. Not something that might be first on your shopping list, but just have a look at all the health benefits that using one in your home can bring:


Allergies and Asthma
An asthma attack can be triggered by allergic reactions and an easy way to air out any damp or humid areas of your home is by using a dehumidifier which will do all the work for you; keeping your home humidity between 25% and 50% and helping to prevent those unwanted asthma attacks.
Invisible to the eye, mould spores float through the air, and exposure increases in winter as spores grow on evergreens and leaves that lie around in the garden. The spores get carried into the house on your clothes and shoes, so using a dehumidifier will filter them out of the air, keeping everyone more healthy.
Respiratory Illness
A recent US study found that respiratory illnesses increased in people of all age groups during the winter months, as coughs and colds spread more easily in damp air. Having a dehumidifier is great way to keep the air dry and clean so germs and bacteria can’t spread through damp droplets in the air. This will really make a difference to keeping your family more healthy.
Pet allergies can get worse during the winter as cats and dogs spend a lot more time in the house rather than outside. A dehumidifier will filter out the air in your home and can make a big difference to keeping your air allergen free.
House dust mites
These are an allergy irritant all year and especially when the air is damp and the family spends more time in the house, so winter is a crucial time to think about these microscopic baddies. A dehumidifier will take damp vapour out of the air condensing it into water that you empty periodically, so they won’t get a chance to breed and spread.
Eczema can flare up when the temperature or humidity changes. Being warm indoors with central heating can dry out the skin and make eczema worse so using a dehumidifier can really help.
So, when the weather gets freezing cold and you have the heating on full blast with all the windows and doors closed; just make sure you switch on the dehumidifier
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