DiaryDolls are the product of TV presenter Carol Smillie and tennis star Annabel Croft and aim to end the misery of embarrassing leaks during periods.
“The idea began as a discussion between Carol and Annabel, who have been friends for many years, when Carol was buying cheap “period pants” for her teenage daughters. Discussion turned to Annabel’s early years as a junior tennis player. At the time she suffered with endometriosis and struggled with heavy periods from the age of 15 while staying with host families around the world. This wasn’t helped by having to play tennis in a short white skirt. Carol and Annabel realized there was an opportunity to create pants for the times when normal sanitary protection just isn’t enough.
DiaryDoll pants began with the aim of offering a little more protection to those with heavy periods or for young girls getting their periods for the first time. However, they are also popular amongst pre and post natal women and women experiencing pelvic floor problems, particularly when exercising.”
The pants come in 3 different colours, black, baby pink and dotty blue.
I tried the black ones. I normally wear a size 12 or size 12-14 but these pants only came in a size 10-12 or 14-16. I thought the 10-12 would be a bit small and was advised by Diarydoll to size up. So I went for the size 14-16.
They come in a cute little pouch which fastens with a cute button
diarydoll period pants
They have a very soft material and have a secret waterproof panel inside.
I’m glad I sized up, as these fit perfectly. They feel very comfy on but a bit bigger than my normally knickers. I did found that they felt a bit baggy and loose at the front, at the outer material is not attached to the waterproof panel inside.
I don’t think I would wear these as my normal daytime knickers when I have my period, but I would definitely wear them in bed. That is when I sometimes have little leaks and I felt fully protected wearing these
diarydoll period pants
These pants don’t just have to be for periods. They are also great if you have a weak bladder or pelvic floor, and they also make fantastic maternity pants
You can find out more about DiaryDoll on their website and also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

I received a pair of Diary Dolls in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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