Do you dread the holidays because you know you’ll have to find space for all the new gifts and toys? Here’s a little collection of gifts that are consumable……and most of them are even mailed to the recipient every month! They’ll bring joy year-round….so steer well-meaning relatives this way, and show them the same kindness.

clutter-free gift ideas for the holidays


(Note: All of these are things I use/have used and love; a small selection are also affiliate links for things I love, which means that I get a tiny percentage of the sale but it costs you nothing extra.)
For the kids in your life:
-How about a magazine subscription? National Geographic Kids is a hit with most. Or there’s Chirp for the wee ones.
-For older kids (say 10 and up), stick with cash or gift cards…trust me, they’ll use it! There are tutorials for origami folding all over Pinterest to help you display it creatively.
Raddish Kids sends a monthly cooking lesson right to their door! You could “wrap” this one up with a child-sized apron and oven mitts, and know they’ll be used and appreciated.
-Monthly craft kits are another popular one. Kiwi Crate and Craft Caravan are two that we have tried and enjoyed.
-If your family is more on the crunchy-granola end of things, The Magic Onions Store sells great craft kits for everything from wool felting to fairy house kits. Their packaging is as pretty as the goodies inside, too!
For your favorite vegan:
-How about vegan soap? You could go for a one-time vegan soap gift, or a vegan soap-of-the-month delivered right to the recipient’s door.
-Depending on your budget, there are many organic farm-share possibilities everywhere and who wouldn’t love a monthly pesticide-free feast?
For the Guy you don’t know what to buy for:
Unless he is Vegan, Vegetarian, or Jewish, go for the joke gift. Bacon is in my experience always a hit! Put together a cooler full of Bacon sugar jerky, bacon bandaids, bacon lip balm, bacon soap (“Comes in classy tin”!)…..there’s even bacon-flavoured toothpaste! Now add a 6-pack of their favourite beer, and don’t forget the festive bacon gift wrap.

What clutter-free gifts are you giving this year? Share in the comments!

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