This Christmas Hartley’s have launched a festive range of jellys in cute christmasy packaging. They come in flavours of strawberry, raspberry and orange. You can buy them as tablets or sugar free crystals. But unfortunately I can’t eat these as they are not suitable for vegetarians has they have beef gelatin in.
I was challenged to make a #JollyJelly Christmas center piece. I decided upon making a Cherry & Orange Trifle.
Ingredients :
  • Hartley’s orange jolly jelly
  • glace cherries
  • custard
  • squirty cream
  • chocolate stars
  • edible gold glitter
1. first halve some glace cherries and place in a trifle dish.
2. Make the jelly up according to the pack instructions and pour over the cherries about a third of the way up the dish. Place in the fridge to set.
3. Spoon over ready made custard.
4. Then squirt some cream on top. place the chocolate stars and a cherry on top then sprinkle with the gold glitter. Serve straight away.
My husband and kids all loved it!! Aaron, 4, said it was amazing and that I am the best ‘cooker’ in the whole world.
I have to admit, it did look amazing! I could have ate it myself.

Do you like trifle?
What do you like in yours?

I was provided with the hartley’s jellys and some other goodies in order to make the trifles. All opinions are my own

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