Arvor's School Days By Jonathan Ferrier

“Arvor’s School Days tells the story of a young dyslexic dragon who finds school particularly challenging
When Arvor’s father Colonel Grendel decides to send him to Caderbrith, a boarding school for dragons, neither he nor his son realise what problems Arvor is going to have there.
Arvor really struggles with his school subjects: he is bad at spelling, hopeless at games, terrible at flying and a disastrous fire-breather. The teachers get cross with him, and none of his classmates want him on their team. In fact, he’s quite a disappointment to his stern father.
But Arvor has excellent qualities too; he is kind, gentle, and loyal. Actually, he’s very much the sort of dragon you would want for a friend. Can his big heart get him through his haphazard schooldays? Follow Arvor in his trials and triumphs at Caderbrith, as his curiosity leads him into all sorts of adventures: tackling school bullies, sneaking out of bounds, being accused of plagiarism, organising a school disco, and risking his neck to save the school’s prized Golden Egg trophy…
Accompanied by Matt Rowe’s lively drawings, Arvor’s Schooldays is a heart-warming tale that will appeal to young readers of all ages – and shows the value of being true to yourself.”
My 9 year old son really liked this book. My son isn’t dyslexic but does struggle with his reading and writing, so my son really understood the charecter of the dragon. A great read for any child who finds school work challenging.
This book is available from Memoirs Publishing and also on Amazon
I received this book in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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