9Bar Breakfast bar review

I received a bundle of yummy breakfast bars from 9bar.
They came in 4 different flavours :
  • Almond & Raspberry
  • Apricot & Strawberry
  • Cashew & Cocoa
  • Peanut & Raisin
They are made with loads of healthy stuff like seeds and oats. They are perfect for breakfast time has they are high in slow release energy goodies. I tried all of the flavours and they were all really nice. My favourite was the Peanut & Raisin.
I love cereal bars in the morning when i’m in a rush trying to get the kids ready for school so i can just grab something as I leave the door. And they are great as they are healthy and not full of added sugar, just natural sugar, and a great start to the day.
I will definitely be buying these again!
You can buy the breakfast variety box on their website for £14.40 for 16 bars.
You can also find 9bar of Facebook and Twitter
I received a bundle of 9bars in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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1 comment on “9bar Breakfast Bars”

  1. They sound so tasty, I love a snack bar when peckish and these look great as full of goodness rather than full of calories and sugar.

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