Kids Orange SLPY - The sleeping bag you can wear

What a great invention! A sleeping back you can actually wear!! I received a kids size one in orange to review. The kids SLPY are ideal for children aged 8 and over but younger kids can fit in them also. They are priced at £99 and you can also get adult ones priced at £119 and besides orange they come in pink, blue, green, black and white.
Each Slpy comes in it’s own protective carry bag

The Slpy has a large zip that goes from neck down to waist height, zips to let your arms out and zip to let your feet and legs out. They also have pockets for your hands and two smaller zip pockets to hold things like keys, money etc. And it also has a hood.
features of the slpy

These can be fully zipped up to wear as a normal sleeping back or you can let you feet and arms out to walk about. This feature is great if you go camping and need to go to the toilet in the night and it’s really chilly out, as you can just go in your sleeping bag. It also has a pull cord near the feet which you can pull up the bag and fasten it around your waist so you can go walking about or exploring wearing the Slpy.
The Slpy doesn’t have to be used just for camping they can be used for other great outdoor adventures like hiking, snowboarding, festivals, kayaking to name but a few. Or you can just wear it while watching the TV in the colder months.

Even though the ideal minimum age to wear the kids Slpy is 8, here’s my Caitlin who has just turned 5 wearing one. She really loves it and as we only have just the one Slpy in our house, there have been many fights over who gets to wear the Slpy that night.

Caitlin in her slpy

Caitlin in her slpy

And here’s my 9 year old Ryan in the Slpy.
Ryan in his Slpy

Come in adult and kids sizes
Choice of colours
Different ways to wear
Has a hood
Pockets to put small items in
Can walk about without taking it off
Nice and warm
Great quality, will last for years
The price is very high, but worth it if using regularly 
You can buy a SLPY direct from their website
And you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
And guess what? I have been offered the chance to giveaway one away to one lucky reader. The reader can choose their own colour and size. Just enter the rafflecopter below
UK Only
I received a kids sized slpy in return for my review. All opinions are mine. 

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  1. the kids orange would be perfect! my son lies in his duvet covers all the time like a sleeping bag & was looking to get a sleeping bag but the kids ones ive seen are either poor quality or too expensive.

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