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Me and the rest of my family got to try out some brand new products from Mars. I was really excited when I opened the box to find lot’s of yummy goodies, as you all know how much I love chocolate.
First we tried the Galaxy and Bounty Cookies. They were yummy. We liked the Galaxy ones the most. I don’t like coconut and don’t like Bounty’s but the Bounty cookie was ok. These are sold at Tesco and have a RSP of £1.30 for 4 large cookies. Would definitely buy these again
Mars Galaxy and Bounty Chocolate chip cookies
Mars Galaxy Chocolate chip cookies

Aaron eating his Galaxy cookie

And Caitlin eating hers.

The Milky Way Magic Stars come in a pack of 10 and are priced at £1.00. These were very yummy too. I like the Galaxy cookie best, and so did my husband and eldest son, Ryan. But Caitlin and Aaron preferred the Magic stars cookies.
The Mars Cake Bars come in packs of 5, so perfect for us as there is 5 of us. We all liked these and the caramel on them was nice and thick. These are priced at RSP £1.65 and you can buy them from Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons and Coop
I didn’t think I would be that keen on the Malteaser chocolate Spread as I am not too fussed about malteasers, but this was gorgeous!! Tastes great on some toast. I liked adding it to my porridge with a chopped banana. This is priced at RSP £2 from Tesco. We will be buying this one again too
But I’ve saved the best till last. The new Galaxy Treat Cake is gorgeous!!! It serves 15 and is just so delicious!!! It is lovely and moist with bits of galaxy pieces on the top. We loved this and will be buying it again has a treat for our self’s or maybe even for my son’s 4th birthday next week. This is priced at £7.00 from Asda
Mars galaxy chocolate treat cake
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