You may have seen these lovely Mooshka Doll advertised on TV recently and we received, Myra, to review.

She comes in a nice strong a sturdy box. She has a lovely soft body and pretty dress.

She has an embroidered heart on each hand and when you hold them both she sings ‘Ring a ring a rosie’

And what is great about this Mooshka doll is that you can hold one hand and get a friend to hold the other and as long as the two children are touching each other she will sing.
You can also have more than one Mooshka doll, get in a circle with the dolls and all the dolls with sing in time with each other

You can see in my video that we are making her work by holding the dolls hands and me touching Caitlin with just my foot!

My daughter loves this doll and because she is soft bodied she is great for taking her to bed.

There are 3 different Mooshka dolls to collect. The dolls are priced around £24.99 and you can buy them from Amazon and Smyths,

You can find Mooshka dolls on their Website, Facebook and Twitter

Family Fever

I received a Mooshka doll in return for this review. All opinions are mine and 100% honest

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