Study of 6000 mums & dads across six countries reveals:
  • Most important thing is ‘magical element’ in room say more than a fifth
  • 58% redecorate kid’s room more than any other in house
  • Over a fifth say kids want own room above gadgets or games
  • 1 in 5 say lighting has positive impact on quality of child’s room
  • 87% of children use bedroom for work and learning
Bedroom Monster Graphic: Ever wondered what a kid’s monster looks like?
We polled real kids, here’s what they said:
  • Most monsters have four limbs, and two feet, but feet aren’t always attached to limbs
  • The average monster has three eyes
  • 82% of monsters have horns
  • Most monsters have scales, feathers or are bald
Creative Bedroom Deco Top Tips:
Blast away the fear factor for Halloween using light (via lighting designer Tim Meaker):
  • Innovate light use: Add light in places such as under the bed, corners or even in the closet (e.g. Philips Disney LivingColors)
  • Change the vibe: Make potentially scary places warm and inviting by adding softly diffused light (e.g. from a Candle Light)
  • Story Time: Bring stories to life (e.g. using StoryLight) to make their bedroom feel more like a scene from their favorite Disney movie
  • Space Invader: Create more spaces where kids can play and  discover magical spaces.

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