Mums I salute you. Today we are going to celebrate the logistical challenges you have on a weekly basis and say well done you for still rocking this season’s latest look.

Even before you get to the door, you have spent the entire morning yelling and tidying, making breakfast and clearing away last nights toys from the living room to avoid a last minute trip to A+E.  You’ve packed the lunches and school bags, bundled in their homework and reminded them to hand in their after school club registration form.

You wrap them into their winter coat if the weather’s bad, as well as their their kit if it’s PE day. All this whilst mounting the hunt for lost shoes, PE socks and gloves.  Phew its only 8:45 and you already deserve a cup of tea and sit down.   No time for that, you’re on the school run, and once the kids are dropped of it’s on to work; the office or at home. A day spent managing even more chaos either way!  

And in between these daily chaos you still have to find time to;

  • Clean the house
  • Wash the clothes
  • Pay the bills  (research has shown that more women take charge of the household finances than men)
  • Organise the food shopping
  • Cook!
  • Keep Fit
  • Stay Glam
  • [Insert everything else you do!]

And then there’s the family healthcare.  Hairdressers, doctors trips and the dentist all need to be scheduled in regularly for the whole family.  

Well for now at least you can tick one thing off your list, Toothpick have created a site which makes it so much easier for busy mums to find and book a dentist appointment for the family.   The site allows you to narrow the search criteria, so you can search by treatment, dentist, area, time and date and whether the practice is NHS or private.

This puts a stop to the tedious ringing around, and ensures that you have just that little bit more ‘me’ time. So scheduling dentist’s appointments is one thing busy mums can strike off their list.  Make sure you stay fabulous, sit down have a cup of well deserved tea, celebrate your awesomeness and check out  🙂

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