Baby Born Princess Doll Review

Zapf Creation baby Born Princess doll

What little girl wouldn’t want one of these Baby Born Princess dolls from Zapf Creation?
The doll has a lovely tulle and lace pink dress with matching pink slippers and headband with a beautiful tiara. She also comes with a potty, bottle, dummy, plate & spoon, porridge and a friendship bracelet for boy the doll and your little girl.
Give her some water to drink and then sit her on the potty, press the button on her belly and she will do a wee in the potty. You can feed her porridge too and she will poop it out. Yes, you read that right, she actually poos!! Just like when you feed her water, put her on the potty and press her belly button and she will poo on the potty. Sounds disgusting to me, but my little girl LOVED this. She only comes with one pack of porridge but you can buy more.
She can also cry. After feeding her water, instead of putting her on the potty, squeeze her right arm a few times and she will shed real tears.
She can also go in the bath. Which is great as my little girl likes to take her everywhere.
And best of all about this doll is that it doesn’t take any batteries. Because we all know how expensive replacing batteries in toys can be. 

I think the RRP for this is about £45. Bit on the high side but well worth it. My little girl loves this doll and she has already asked me to buy her some more porridge and nappies.
I would definitely recommend this doll

Zapf Creation baby Born Princess doll

Watch Princess baby Born do a wee on her potty

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You can find baby Born on Facebook

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I received this baby born doll in return for my review. All opinions and mine and 100% honest

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