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Pocket Money Cookery book by Oomberkids Republic Review

I got to have a preveiw of the new Pocket Money Cookery Book from OoberKids Republic which is aimed at primary school aged children helping them learn to cook delicious meal by themselves.

The Book has 10 delicious meals to make and all have great nutritional advise from nutritionist Jessica Scott

Here are our recipes: 
1) Pizza Beef
2) Broken French Dinner
3) The Embarrassed Queen’s Frittata
4) Dawn Eggs
5) Volcano eggs
6) Snowstorm Veal
7) Mozzarella on a Scooter
8) Winter Mud Pudding
9) Chocolate Hedgehog
10) Lazy Summer Spaghetti 

There are also so fun facts and health and safety advice.

My favourite recipe was the Chocolate Hedgehog, so much fun to make and eat!

The Pocket Money Cookery book can be purchased here for ยฃ7.00 for a paperback copy
or you can enter the giveaway below to win yourself a copy

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