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Blurb from back of book :

“In Cyprus, after the worst nine months of Sylvie Sapphiris’s life, summer has arrived at last, and with it an unexpected, ecstatic change in Sylvie’s circumstances. But with all the odds stacked against her new life, can it last?

Sylvie embarks on her planned trip to Athens. A city which holds bittersweet memories. Can Sylvie shake off her past and move into a new future with this incredible man?
After a showdown with her furious former suitor, Sylvie finds herself on the point of sacrificing her future happiness to keep the peace. Sylvie’s world is turned upside down again. Distraught and devastated she’s left wondering if she’ll ever find true love and happiness again. A love she once thought was possible. But fate has one final card to play…”
Book – Waiting for Summer (book 2) by Anna-Maria Athanasiou
PublisherAustin Macauley
Pages – 520
My Star Rating  – 3.5

My Review :

Waiting for Summer book 2 is the second book about 44 year old Sylvie.
I thought this book would be hard to understand as it carries on from the first book which I haven’t read. But it easy to understand and can be read without having previously read the first book.
The book is about 44 year old widow Sylvie who falls head of heels for 28 year old Nick. They have a world wind romance and completely fall for each other. But because of their age gap they are both worried how their family’s will except it. Especially Julian, Nick’s dad, who has a crush on Sylvie and was hoping that they would get together.
I found the book hard to get into at first, with Nick being so loved up, he was over the top and a bit nauseating. And all they seemed to be doing was having sex! it did get on my nerves a bit. And what I also found annoying about the book is some repeat sentences, like “Sylvie looked at him shyly, through her lashes” was repeated a few times.
But half way through the book I really got into it. I fell in love with Nick, The way he adored Sylvie and it really didn’t matter that he was 16 years younger than her. You could really feel the true love he had for her.
And there was a surprise for them both, which I had a niggling feeling was going to happen. I should be a detective as I always seem to guess right what will happen.
Over all I would give this book 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed the second part of the book and the end was really lovely. Left me with a lovely warm fuzzy feeling.
I will be reading more from the author
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About the Author :

Anna-Maria Athanasiou is a wife and mother of two, who after many years of creating fantasy stories in her head decided to take the plunge and put one of them onto paper.

She wanted to write a story people could relate to and consequently feel an empathy with her characters. A story that would touch the reader and ultimately make them fall in love. Waiting for Summer Book Two is her second novel.

I received this book for free in return for a review. All opinions are mine and 100% honest 

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5 comments on “Waiting for Summer (book 2) by Anna-maria Athanasiou Review”

  1. got to love the warm and fuzzies!! I love a good series of books but it is also nice to be able to read some stories as stand alones. sounds like a book worth trying 🙂 thanks for linking up with #readwithme I have pinned and tweeted this post x

  2. This sounds interesting – a bit over the top at the beginning but if it leaves you warm and fuzzy then it must be a good read 🙂 Plus its all about Greece which is probably my favourite place in the entire world :)x #readwithme

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