My very first Goodreads giveaway that I won was this book called Unbelievable by Jennifer Pickup.
It’s not my usual read as this is a young adult/fantasy novel. I like to read chick lit, real life, thriller and crime. But I thought I would try something different

Unbelievable by Jennifer Pickup - Book review

Here’s what it says on goodreads about the book

As the miracle survivor of a devastating accident, Neona White starts to fear that she might not be entirely human. Sent to live with her grandmother, she meets Arun and Elyssa, who take her on a dangerous quest to unravel the mysteries of her unique identity.

As the world she thought she knew begins to disclose its unbelievable secrets, Neona is forced to face the eternal struggle between who people want her to be and what she really is”

and here is my review :

This is not the type of book I normally read. If I went into a book store I wouldn’t buy it by reading the back cover, as it is a fantasy genre. I won this in a goodreads giveaway. 

This book is about a 16 year old girl called Neona. She is sent to live with her grandma when he mum decided to pack up and leave with no explanation. Neona as never thought of herself as normal, she felt almost inhuman and has she grow older the feeling grow stonger.

It Took my a while to get into this book, properly because it’s not my normal read And this was also aimed more at young adults. But at the end of each chapter I found my self wanting to read more. 

Neona had many unanswered questions about who she really was, or should I say what she really was, and I found my self wanting to find the answers out with her.

She found two new friends Elyssa and Arun who seemed to be like her. Nothing could touch them, they seemed to have superhuman strength, But those to were also on a journey to discover who there really were.

The last few chapters revealed a lot and as I got closer to the end of the book I thought that it wouldn’t be able to fit it all in. There was a few twists and turns, and the end was really good. It answered all the questions but still left it with the possibility of a second book.

If there was a second book that carried on from this one I would definitely buy it.

Really liked this book and would read more from this author

I give it 3/5 stars
You can find the Book here on Goodreads 

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5 comments on “Book Review – Unbelievable by Jennifer Pickup”

  1. The cover is certainly intriguing. I do like YA books so I would be inclined to give this a go. great review!! thanks for linking up with #readwithme I have pinned and tweeted this post x

  2. I too probably wouldnt have chosen this to read, but sometimes it’s good to go against the grain! I quite like young adult books, and this sounds like a good read. One for the ‘to read’ pile!

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