Aquabeads Jewel Rings Set Review
We was recently sent a box of Aquabeads Jewel Rings to review.
The box contains :
bead templates
bead mould
beads container
6 rings
water sprayer
and over 500 beads
Aquabeads Jewel Rings Set contents

Aquabeads Jewel Rings Set Review

You pick one of the card templates and place underneath the mould. Then you place the correct bead colour on the mould. My little girl didn’t like to use the colours on the guide she wanted to chose her own colours. Just make sure that you leave a space in the middle of your design to add the ring when your finished

Once all your beads are in place you spray with water. Let it completely dry and remove from the mould and spray the other side of the beads with water too. And once it is completely dry again you can add your ring to the centre hole

Aquabeads Jewel Rings Set Review

Aquabeads Jewel Rings Set Review

here are the flower and duck designs

flower and duck aquabeads

There are plenty of beads in the box to make many more designs, but most were yellow as that is what is mainly used on the templates. This set has a RRP of £9.99, to be honest I thought this was a little on the high side, I thought it should be more around £7. But saying that my little girl and my little boy both really loved playing with this. I would buy another Aquabeads set again, would make a lovely present.

The only thing I think could be improved with this is that the bead container could do with a lid. If you put this back in the box all the beads are bound to come out and go everywhere. I placed mine in a small plastic tub

You can buy these Aquabeads from Amazon and other good toy retailers

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