Zinc Zycho Scooter Review

My 9 year old son, Ryan, as recently just had the chance to review the Zinc Zycho Scooter. He was so excited when it arrived. He loves scooters and this would be his 4th. His first one I got a few years ago was just a cheap one and didn’t last very long. The other two he has are a Torque with was about £50 and a Razor which was about £40. This Zinc scooter is priced at over £100.

Here are the Scooter Specs :

Uses a 7000 series Aluminium – With its zinc elements the material flexes under stress and returns to its original shape
Chro-moly steel Y bar
Standard Aluminum Quad Clamp
CNC Threadless headset with unique Zinc branding
CNC Aluminium fork
Anodised Aluminium deck
Flex fender brake
100mm High Bounce 5 Spoke Alloy core wheels – 88A PU
Pro Grips
Available 3 colours – red/Black/Blue
100kgs Maximum Weight

The scooter came in a great shaped box with a handle, which is easy for carrying out the shop. The Zinc Zycho scooter comes in 3 colours, black, red and blue. We was sent the black one

Zinc scooter in box

The scooter comes in two pieces along with two allen keys and instructions.
It was very easy to put together and the instructions were very clear and straight forward.
I managed to have it in one pieces in about 5 minutes

 Here is the front of the scooter, It has a white skull on it and it disappears when you turn the handle bars.
Which is very cool, according to Ryan

Great graphics on the footbar

I am loving the bright shiny red trim on the wheels. Really stands out against the black

 Here’s Ryan trying the scooter out. He really loves it and all his friends are jealous of his new cool scooter and all want one too!

Thumbs up!

This is definitely the best scooter Ryan has owned. If I buy him a new scooter (which I know I definitely will be doing in a few years) I will be buying a Zinc. I was going to get him a Zinc scooter last Christmas but went for the Razor instead as it was slightly cheaper. Wish I went for the Zinc one now

You can see all Zinc scooter available on their website – www.zincsports.com

You can also find Zinc on :

I received the Zinc scooter in order to write a review. All opinions are mine and 100% honest

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