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With so many elements and factors affecting our skin on a daily basis, it can often feel like you are fighting a losing battle and that everything you do is ultimately fruitless. Don’t lose faith, though. There are many tried and tested, highly effective ways to keep skin healthy and tackle the signs of ageing, and the amount of solutions to skin problems increases by the day, with new products and treatments constantly being produced.

As well as naturalistic methods and changes in lifestyle or diet, things like regenerist night cream provide skin protection and recovery that is quick, easy and cost effective. Below are five skin care tips you can put into action to keep your skin glowing.

Stay out the sun

The sun is great for your skin, but too much of it or being exposed to harsh rays without adequate protection can age skin and have adverse effects, even increasing chances of things like skin cancer. There is no need to shun the sun entirely, just be sure to invest in good sun protection and try and get some shade when the rays are at their most intense, usually early to mid-day.

Invest in a good cream or moisturiser

Using moisturiser or skin cream can help reduce ageing and keep the skin looking great, helping it recover from the elements and giving it new life. Night creams like Regenerist Night Cream by Olay are especially good, as they hydrate the skin and help to reduce wrinkles.

Put the cigarettes down

As well as having a plethora of other negative health effects that you will no doubt already be aware of, smoking drastically impacts the skin, speeding up the ageing process and worsening wrinkles. It reduces blood flow by causing your skin’s blood vessels to narrow, so the nutrients and oxygen that are necessary to keep your skin in good condition and keep it healthy become significantly decreased.

Eat more healthily

Bad diet is one of the main contributors to bad skin, so have a look at yours and see if there is anything that could do with changing. Foods like nuts, fruit, legumes and vegetables will help immediately, getting good minerals and vitamins into your system, as will drinking more water.

Small changes can make a big difference to your skin, from creams to a healthier diet. Bigger changes, like giving up smoking, may seem a hard feat, but are well worth it for a better lifestyle.
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  1. Looking for ways to improve my skin condition
    Really oily and blemished
    Thanks for the tips think I need to change my skincare routine

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