Tips for designing the perfect kids playroom

If you’ve never done it before, designing a kid’s playroom can seem like a daunting task. However, as long as you bear a few simple tips in mind, you should find that far from being a stressful chore, the process is simple and fun.
Bold colours
Unlike in the rest of your home, where you might have to exercise a little restraint when it comes to colour, you can go wild when choosing the palette for playrooms. Children love bright designs and by introducing reds, blues and other bold colours into these spaces, you can give them real character.
If the colours you select make the sophisticated interior designer within you positively cringe, you’re probably on the right lines!
Choose a theme
If your child has a favourite theme, whether it’s cats, dinosaurs, cars, a cartoon character or anything else, try to incorporate this into the playroom. If you’re feeling artistic, you could use stencils on the walls or even go free-style and channel your inner Picasso. Alternatively, you can pick up some themed wallpaper or playing mats, or simply buy a couple of posters.
Novelty lights
Novelty children’s lights also make a great addition to playrooms. It’s now easy to buy a range of these products from firms such as The Lighting Superstore. For example, perhaps your tot would love basketball or football lights, or maybe butterflies and flowers would suit.
These products can complement the theme of the space and they can also help to make it brighter and more inviting.
Space for toys
No playroom is complete without toys, and lots of them! This means you’ll need storage within the room to contain the items. Colourful chests can make a handy storage solution and plenty of shelving and cupboards come in handy too.
If you don’t include enough storage products, you’ll find that it’s impossible to make this room presentable, even if your child’s not in it.
Child-friendly flooring and furniture
Safety is another issue to consider when you’re planning playrooms. Let’s face it, kids are prone to slipping, tripping and tumbling. It’s therefore important that you avoid introducing sharp edges or dangerous surfaces. For example, it’s a good idea to think about buying soft furnishings rather than wooden or plastic items, particularly if your children are young.
Also, think about the flooring you put down. Ideally, this should be soft. If you don’t want to lay carpets, you can use rugs or play mats. Whatever you go for, make sure it’s easy to clean. Cream carpets are a big no no.
Set a budget
Even the best playroom designs can’t last forever. After all, kids grow up. This is something to think about when you’re budgeting for the space. There is no point in breaking the bank to create a playroom because it will have to change as your children get older.
This means it’s a good idea to set a sensible spending limit, and stick to it, when you’re revamping this part of your home.
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