Lost my name book review

Lost my name book review

I have just had the chance to review these fantastic books from lostmy.name

Simply choose weather you want a girl or boy book and the name of your child and they make you a brilliant book that tells a story about your child’s name.

The books are priced at £18.99 and included postage and packaging.
Buy a second and get 5% off, buy 3 and get 10% off, 4 and get 15% off or buy 5 and get 20% off!

They are A4 size and printed in the UK on thick environmentally-friendly paper

And you also have the option of having them gift wrapped and add your own personal dedication for an extra £2.50

I made two of theses books, One for Caitlin and one for Aaron and I also brought the extra option of gift wrap and dedication

Here they are in the gift wrap.

Lost my name book review
To be honest I wasn’t keen on this. I thought that they would be in pretty wrapping paper, but they came in green foil envelopes. But I love being able to add a personal dedication. I just added the “love from Mummy and Daddy xx” and had the dedication that was pre-written. But you can change the whole thing if you like.  
Lost my name book review
My kids loved me reading these books to them, especially when I got to the end and they realized that the story had spelt out their names!
Lost my name book review
The books have lovely illustrations and lovely rhyming story. 
These books would make a great gift to any young child or even to a newborn as a keepsake or Even a beautiful christening present. 
And don’t worry if your child has a very short name, has extra pages are added
I would 100% recommend these books. When I order these on the website I was really excited about these arriving, but when they did come, I was even more impressed with them. Such a brilliant and lovely idea for a book!
And now I have some good news and some bad news. 
The lovely people at lost my name are offering 20% a book, but the bad news is this is limited to only 2 people.
So if you would really like on of these books for your child, email me at serenityyou@hotmail.co.uk and the first 2 will get a 20% code
I received two free lost my name books in order for me to write my review. All opinions are mine and 100% honest

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5 comments on “Lost My Name Book Review”

  1. These would be lovely presents for Christmas! My eldest would love this and I would keep the other one back for my youngest for when he was older! Thank you for sharing

    Laura x x x

  2. I have had my eye on this book for Mia for a while and actually had not long popped it on Mia’s Christmas Gift List for this year, when I was given the exciting opportunity to review the book for myself.

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