Home is where the heart is so it’s important your home fits your heart’s desires. There are so many ways to design the rooms in your house but it’s all about personalising it – creating a space that you truly enjoy. Here are some basic tips that anyone (you don’t have to be an interior designer!) can use to design your home:
Get inspired
First things first – find your inspiration. You can spend hours scouring through design magazines and looking through paint testers and, while you don’t want the project to take years, it is important to have clear ideas going into it. Choose an existing interior design scheme, such as barn style, colonial or modern, or mix and match to create your own.
Home furniture options are endless; you can find cheap and cheerful dressers and dining tables all the way up to more grandiose pieces, like an overhead chandelier or antique apothecary table.
One desire shared by many homeowners is the aspiration to make a room look bigger. If you have a smaller sitting room, feel free to nix the sofa and place a few antique chairs in there instead. It’ll add a bit of character without taking up too much space. A circle rug over hardwood floors can seem to increase the size of the room as well.
For the bedroom, though this may seem to go against your natural instinct, a high bed and tall headboard will actually make the room seem bigger.
Colour scheme
Choosing a colour scheme is where you can really have some fun. Stick to neutrals if you’re planning to put up colourful artwork or bright, patterned furniture but other than that, the world is your oyster.
A bold, ‘statement wall’ always looks nice in the sitting room or, if you prefer a classic look, there’s a reason why white is always in style. And, contrary to popular belief, dark wall paint can actually make a small room seem bigger so don’t be too quick to judge the darker palettes either.
Lighten the load
Light fixtures can really bring a room to life. When choosing an overhead light, lamp or wall light for your room, first take notice of how much natural light comes into the room. With a large bay window, for example, you may not need a massive chandelier.
Don’t forget about your closets when choosing lights as well – a bright light in your bedroom closet will make choosing an outfit for a night out a lot more enjoyable!
Finally, it’s often the little touches that will make a home your own. Scented candles, framed photos, artwork and plants can really cheer the place up.
So, with a bit of careful thought and planning, you can design the home that’s right for you.
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