Book Tour - The River Singers by Tom Moorhouse on Serenity You

To celebrate World Nature Conservation Day on Monday 28th July Tom Moorhouse is having a book tour promoting his children’s book The River Singers.

The book is about a family of voles who go on a journey to find a new home.
suitable for all ages but aimed at children aged 8-12 years old.

I ask Tom:

“You’ve worked with water voles for 8 years, how much of your research has gone into The River Singers?”
“Ooh, lots. My aim was to write a fun adventure story about water voles, but one in which all of the details of their lives are as accurate as possible. So if I’ve done my job as a writer properly (time will tell) by the time you finish the book you should mainly have enjoyed the adventure and way the characters react to the life-threatening situations, and hopefully feel satisfied at the outcome. Then, perhaps, you might think back to some of the descriptions of the natural world, and how the characters interact with it and each other, and perhaps find that, without really being conscious of it, you now know a lot more about water voles than you did. That was my aim, so the main challenge was to incorporate all of the details that I acquired over the eight years I studied water voles, but to keep them secondary to the adventure.”
And here’s a fascinating fact about water voles…
1)       Fun vole fact : did you know that water voles have flank glands ? They leave scent at territorial markers – called “latrines” – by scraping these glands with their hind legs and then drumming their feet down onto flattened piles of their own droppings. This is just one of the reasons that there will never be a superhero called ’Vole Man’

The tour is kicking off on Monday over at the OUP children’s books blog ( This will be an announcement of the dates to tie-in with World Nature Conservation Day, then it’s over to the participating blogs and here’s the full line-up:
Tuesday 29th July – Smiling Like Sunshine (
Wednesday 30th July – Serenity You (
Thursday 31st July – Confession of a SAHM (
Friday 1st August – Library Mice (
Saturday 2nd August – My mummies Pennies (
Monday 4th August – Madhouse Family Reviews (
Tuesday 5th August – Red Peffer (
Friday 8th August – Making It Up (
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