baby Annabell Doll review

I received a Baby Annabell Doll last week to review. My Little girl Caitlin,4, loves dolls. She has loads of them and love dressing them in her pyjamas and reading them bedtime story’s. She only has one doll that cries. So she was really excited to receive Baby Annabell.

Baby Annabell cries and girggles and she drinks real water from her bottle! You place the bottle in the dolls mouth and she sucks on it. The doll actually moves and makes the motion of sucking on the bottle with it’s mouth along with making real sucking sounds!!

Caitlin absolute loved this!!!
“This is the best doll in the world” she shouted

When Baby Annabell has had enough to drink she will burp or if she has an upset stomach she will start to cry. And she cries real tears!!

Here are Caitlin and Aaron feeding baby Annabell

If you stroke her forehead she will sigh and nod of to sleep

Have you got a baby Annabell?

I was sent the baby Annabell doll in order to write my review. All opinions are mine and 100% honest

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  1. This is going to make a great gift for a friend’s daughter. She loves dolls and this one seems to be more interactive than the others she has. I love the nodding off to sleep – that is so sweet.

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