With Father’s Day just tomorrow don’t panic if you still haven’t brought your dad a gift as I have the answer. Buy him some Dove or Radox toiletry’s. There are plenty of fragrances to choose from, they won’t break the bank and best of all there are plenty of places that sell them. You can just nip out to the supermarket or even your local corner shop and he will never know that you left it to the last minute to get him something. 
My husband received Radox for men 2-in1 shower & shampoo in fennel & sea minerals and Dove daily care duo of body & face wash and anti-perspirant deodorant.

I love Radox and often buy their bubble baths (which my husband nicks) so he was happy when I showed him what had arrived for him to try out. This is great if you have a shower as it has a hook that flips up so it can be hung up. The smell is very manly which he likes as when he nicks all my stuff he smells very flowery and girly. It lathers really well too and gave him a really nice fresh and clean feeling.
The Dove body and face wash had a lovely mild and clean smell and was really nice on the skin too. The anti-perspirant came in a compressed bottle, so lasts just as long a a large bottle but saves on packaging. The protection lasts 48 hours which is good especially when my husband is on the go all the time and I has a nice soft smell and not to strong so I can nick some too.

I received the above items for review purposes. All opinions are mine and 100% honest

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