Face Painting for the World Cup 2014

To celebrate the world cup 2014 I received a Snazaroo Supporter’s Face Painting Kit. The kit is priced at £12.99 RRP and contains eight colours, brush, sponge and instructions. The kits are made in the UK and are fragrance free and made for delicate skin. The pack can make up to 50 full faces!! And once opened will last for 18 months.

 I didn’t want to do a full face on my too youngest as they can’t sit still for more than a minute, so I make little England flags on there cheeks. I made Caitlin’s in to a cute heart shape

 I have used Snazaoo’s face paints in the past and I love them. They are the best face paints I have used. Last Halloween I brought some cheap face paints and would never buy them again, as they would not wash off! My kids had red and black marks on their face for almost a week afterwards! And they stained their clothes too! Not these though. They wash off really easy with a bit of soap and water, and no need to scrub either.

Both kids asked for something else to be put on their other cheek, so I did a butterfly and flower on Caitlin’s and a blue balloon on Aaron’s. I am rubbish at drawing so I bet anyone else could do so much better.

Snazaroo also deliver worldwide! And there’s loads of choice from Professional kits to stencils and tattoos.

There are also guides on the website to show you how to get started if you have never had a go at face painting before and also tutorials to help you get the perfect fairy, robot, tiger and more!

Go to www.snazaoo.co.uk

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