Most women feel they’re fine with their daily body regimen from showering to applying lotion and spraying fragrances for women. But when it comes to total body care as you desire for a moisturized and younger looking skin, you need the best products in this world to achieve that. Spa treatments don’t come cheap, but you can do a more affordable way at home. You don’t think you need them but these 7 bath and body products will change your mind.

1. Spongeables Spongelle Foot Buffer. Ever imagine how you can thoroughly wash your feet while enjoying every sponging experience? That’s possible with this foot buffer from Spongeables. It’s infused with Summer Lilac-Verbena essence, and soothing bergamot and lemongrass. In addition, it also has that detoxifying sea kelp extracts to rejuvenate your feet. It can last up to more than 20 washes before disposing.

2. LaLicious Brown Sugar Vanilla. Applying shower gel on your bare hands or on an ordinary sponge is not enough to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells tend to block the moisture your skin should be receiving from either your shower gel or lotion. To maximize the benefits of using shower gel, use this LaLicious sugary scrub twice a week to exfoliate the skin as well as aid in making the skin smoother and more moisturized.

3. Kerstin Florian Chamomile Body Spray. Oil-based sprays make any fragrance stay longer when it’s applied directly to the skin. This chamomile body spray from Kirsten Florian not only makes you fragrant but it can also soothe and smoothen your skin. Use this after every bath.

4. LaLicious Sugar Reef. After showering with an ordinary bath soap, your skin’s natural moisture can be reduced, thus you end up having dry and flaky skin. What you need is something better than lotion. You need this LaLicious Sugar Reef body butter to give you extra moisture and immediate relief to dryness.

5. Guinot Masque Essentiel Nutrition Confort Instant Radiance Moisturizing Mask. For the best skin appearance wherever you go, bring this travel size Guinot moisturizing mask and immediately get that radiant-looking skin. This works best after a sleepless and stressful night so you’ll see how a single use can brighten your skin in just a matter of minutes.

6. Spa Sister Foot Spa Essentials. If you want a fool home pedicure and foot spa experience, all you need is this single kit from Spa Sister. This whopping 9-piece set includes Vitamin E foot caviar, cuticle stick, nail cutter, emery boards, toe separators, lush chenille flip flops, lip smoothing
gloss, cosmetic bag and handy carrying case. Share a foot care session with your friends using this kit on your next slumber party.

7. Purederm Botanical Choice Callus Reducer Heel Patches. On-going problems with calluses on your heels? Get baby smooth feet when you use these callus reducer heel patches from Purederm. It has an intensive herbal conditioning therapy to heal cracked heels as well as infused Jojoba oil to moisturize feet daily.

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