Welcome to my new monthly linky.
Each month I’ll be sharing with you new things that I have brought that past month and giving you the chance to share with us what you have been buying too by adding your post to the linky.

Got these hair clips from Sainbury’s for £3.00. They are a pack of 6 but Caitlin has nicked 2 off. I am forever buying hair clips has she is always losing them.

School shoes for Ryan. These should have cost me £16 from Sainbury’s but there was 25% off all clothes so, cost me £12. Again like the hair clips I am always buying Ryan school shoes. I don’t know what he does to them but they are always covered in holes after just about 6 weeks!!

Pack of 10 underpants for Aaron. Again from Sainsbury’s and should have cost £6.50 but got 25% off. Aaron is now 3 and a half and only just been potty trained. My other 2 kids where trained at 3 years but Aaron is very lazy and he is still having the odd accident so going through a lot of these.

Boxers for Ryan. Was going to get some from Sainsburys but they didn’t have any in his size so brought these from Peacocks £4 for a pack of 3

While I was buying Ryan his boxers from Peacocks I saw these neon pink jeans on the sale rail. They should have been £8, but I got them for just £2. Bargain!!

I love Avon and I actually used to be an Avon rep for about 7 years. Now I still buy stuff from them quite often via my neighbour. I bought this lovely nail vanish from their sale brochure for £2

I also got this Avon solutions cleanser for when I am in a rush and don’t have time to use my normal cleanser. This was half price at £2

And I brought a pink toilet brush. We needed a new one and I couldn’t find one anywhere! I looked in our local Sainsbury’s, co-op and wilkos but none of them had a toilet brush. So, I brought this from our local cheapy shop called Fat Boys. They had 3 for sale 2 in pink and 1 in green. I went for the pink. Just £1 and does the job.

Sponge I think was about 50p from Wilkos and Radox shower gel was £1

 Brought this DVD from a charity shop for £1.99

 Blueberry crunch cones from Iceland. Pack of 4 for just £1. These were really nice with the blueberry filling going all the way through! Works out at just 25p each! A must have for this summer I say.

This is also from Iceland for £1. Chocolate Fudge Cake Milkshake. Need I say more?

And last but not least. My new phone case. I brought this from Ebay. Brand new and only £4 something including postage.

So, What have you been buying this month?

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